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Aviation, Defense and Espace, by Who makes the Future

May 9th, 2017
1st Forum ASAS
The Brazilian Air Force in the 21st Century

On May 9th, the Matsubara Hotel, a prestigious business tourism address in São Paulo, a few
blocks of Paulista Avenue, received a select community, the most representative of the scenario of military aviation in Brazil, to talk informally, and also present and discuss in illuminating presentations, the process of restructuring the Brazilian Air Force (FAB).

2nd Forum ASAS
The Aviation Army's Strategic Program
September 26th, 2017

The most well-equipped, trained and experienced Air Force in Latin America, the Brazilian Army Aviation (AvEx) has established, in the first half of this year, its plans and projects for the future, within the Army Aviation Program, Strategic Plan Brazilian army.

In this, a broad spectrum of actions was planned in order to maintain the Army Aviation (AvEx) as a vector of modernity and operational efficiency, providing the Brazilian Army with the best conditions to fulfill its missions: Strong Arm in combat actions and Hand Helped in the tasks of supporting the population.

3rd Forum ASAS

Brazilian Aerospace Panorama

December 7th, 2017

The 3rd ASAS Forum - Brazilian Aerospace Panorama was held on December 7, 2017, at the Hotel Matsubara, in São Paulo. The event closed the first season of forums held by the magazine, in an already very successful and consecrated initiative of meeting of leaderships and debate of great themes of the aerospace and defense segment. With support from the Ministry of Defense, the Aeronautics Command and the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB), the event was also supported by the Brazilian Aerospace Industries Association (AIAB) and sponsored by Saab (Gripen Brasil), Airbus, Visiona Tecnologia Espacial , ASC-Ascentio Technologies and Esra.

4th Forum ASAS

Air Traffic Control:

Challenges and Future

May 10th, 2018

Traffic control is becoming increasingly important, at a time of economic recovery, and a growing insertion of Brazilian companies in a global context, generating ever greater commercial airflow. The segment also requires constant modernization, along with the new technologies available. On the other hand, the activity faces new challenges, such as the issue of drones, and other old ones such as illegal flights.

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